Monday, September 06, 2004

LG Electronics unveils 55-inch LCD television w/ built-in receiver

LG Electronics, South Korea's largest home electronics maker unveiled what it calls the world's first 55-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) television set with a built-in digital broadcasting receiver.

LG’s rival Samsung Electronics has released 57-inch LCD TV sets, but it like many large LCD screens require separate equipment such as that requires to receive digital broadcasting.

In a Korean news release that followed the launch of 55-inch LCD TV, LG Electronics president Woo Nam-kyun remarked that LG Electronics would improve its brand marketing in the global LCD TV market, which is estimated to reach 9 million units in 2004.

Woo also noted that LG will also intensify efforts to gain a leading status in the global flat-panel display market.

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  1. LG Electronics showed 55-inch LCD television. They're fantastic and proffesional.