Monday, November 21, 2005

SK Goes Global

SK Group is going global fast. In addition to China, Korea's leading conglomerate has been actively expanding in the Americas since early this year, most markedly in the areas of energy, wireless telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.

SK Corporation is currently exploring oil fields in different parts of the Americas. SK is developing nearly 20 gas and oil fields in 12 different countries worldwide.

SK Telecom, one of group's flagship affiliates, is likewise exporting its wireless and wireless integrated portal service businesses to the U.S., in collaboration with local internet companies.

It has also recently unveiled with Earthlink - the third largest internet service provider in the U.S. - its U.S. brand-name, HELIO for the U.S. consumers. It aims to build a pool of nearly 3.3 million subscribers by 2009.

While SK Group is most known for its energy and telecommunications businesses in Korea, SK USA, Inc., the group's U.S office also runs a New Jersey-based medical research lab with a track record of research successes.

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