Thursday, December 01, 2005

Korean Liquor Indsutry Hope to Boost Sales

Korea Herald...

Liquor companies have kicked off their year-end events aimed at captivating consumers and boosting their market presence.

Jinro Ballantines Co., Korea's leading distributor of whiskey, said it has organized year-end events that will help promote its brands and further fortify its position in the local market.

A key marketing strategy will be prize give-away events at local bars that will bustle with people holding year-end celebrations.

Sluggish sales have prompted liquor companies to market whiskies and other liquor products by building a trendy brand image to make them more appealing and approachable to a wider group of consumers.

Whiskey sales in Korea, the world's fourth-largest market, have been declining since 2003 when a credit card binge left many households struggling with debt and dampened consumption.

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