Sunday, December 18, 2005

Samsung and Hyundai-Kia Motor Market Capitalization Improves

Businessweek notes that Korea-based Samsung and Hyundai-Kia Motors' rankings in market capitalization surged in 2005.

General Electric remained the worldÂ’s biggest company in terms of market capitalization for a second consecutive year, ahead of ExxonMobile and Microsoft, in a ranking by BusinessWeek of 1,200 corporations worldwide, the U.S. magazine said Saturday. GE was valued at US$377.4 billion and Exxon at $361 billion.

Microsoft came third with $296.4 billion, and Citi Group and BP took fourth and fifth place with $245.6 billion and $236.2 billion. Their ranking was the same as last year.

Among Korean companies, Samsung Electronics saw its ranking surge from 48th to 32nd with $100.3 billion. The countryÂ’s largest lender Kookmin Bank and automaker Hyundai Motor ranked 273rd and 277th, up from 438th and 466th last year.

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