Monday, January 09, 2006

Korean Executives Survey: Insights in the Tastes of Big Business' Leadership

Great Survey on Korea's top gives some insights into their tastes and psychographics

Korea'’s top executives drive a Hyundai's full size luxury sedan, the Equus, fill their tanks at SK gas stations, stay at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel, and read the Chosun Ilbo, a survey suggests.

A poll of 100 CEO'’s in top 500 corporations in 2005 by the top Korean monthly business magazine New Management found 49 percent of the respondents naming the Chosun Ilbo as their favorite newspaper. For TV news, 43 percent watched KBS, followed by MBC (21 percent), SBS (19 percent), and YTN (17 percent).

The poll released Monday shows that 60 out of the 100 drove an Equus, and 77 had Samsung Anycall mobile phones, with 85 subscribing to SK Telecom's mobile service.

The largest group or 27 had accounts with Kookmin Bank, while 42 shopped most frequently at the Lotte Department Store.

For their indispensable golf supplies they favored Callaway, while Daks suits and Kumgang Shoes adorned their outward form.

They preferred a Samsung Sens laptop, in their bottom drawers they kept a bottle of Valentine whisky, they went home to their Samsung Raemian apartments, and in breaks from their busy schedules they took in a movie at the CGV multiplex

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