Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hyundai Luxury Buses Head to Russia

To most Westerners, Hyundai and its sister company produce cars. They also produce a line of buses and trucks--quite apparent to anyone who visits South Korea.

This article highlights new markets Hyundai has developed for its bus line.

Hyundai Motor has signed a deal to provide 40 of its Aero Express luxury buses to the Kremlin.

A Russian government official said the country ordered the vehicles for use at the upcoming G8 summit in Russia's second city, President Vladimir Putin‚'s hometown of St. Petersburg, on July 15-18.

They will be refitted for the occasion with Hyundai's help.

Much thought has reportedly been given to the selection of vehicles for the summit, Russia's first as host. The souped-up Aero Expresses will be used to transport delegations from member countries.

Given a market price of some US$100,000 each, the order will fetch the firm some $5 million. The Kremlin wants to bullet-proof the buses and equip them with satellite TV and video equipment.

Hyundai will attach its blue logo to the side of the buses.

BTW In the last summer Olympic Games held in Athens, Hyundai supplied bus transportation for the event.

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