Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Korea's Domestic Car production Ranked 5th Globally

Chosun Ilbo article highlights Korean Domestic Car production i 2005

The article notes Korea ranked fifth in the world in car production, pumping out 3.7 million cars last year, the Korea Automotive Manufacturers Association (KAMA) said Wednesday.

The number includes only the automobiles that were produced in Korea.

Putting the country back in striking distance to reclaim its status as the fifth-largest global car manufacturer four years after it was bumped to 6th place by rapidly-growing China in 2002.

The U.S. held onto its 11-year reign with a production volume of 11.95 million cars, followed by Japan with 10.78 million and Germany with 5.76 million. China closely followed Germany with 5.71 million, up 12.6 percent from the previous year.

The other Top 10 nations include France (3.5 million), Spain (2.75 million), Canada (2.69 million), Brazil (2.45 million), and Britain (1.80 million).

The total number of cars produced worldwide last year increased 2 percent to 66.31 million riding the wave on output increases in Japan, Germany, China and Brazil. A KAMA source said, Korea made it back to fifth place last year due to brisk exports resulting from enhanced quality and brand image of Korean cars.

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