Thursday, February 02, 2006

Press Release: Bridging Culture Expands Executive Coaching Program

Vista, California February 2, 2006— Bridging Culture, a global Korea and East Asia-focused consulting firm, will expand its executive coaching service. The new program is called Building Bridges™.

Bridging Culture’s focus is creating and delivering training programs to better communications between Koreans and Americans. Bridging Culture now offers executive-level coaching for top management, especially for executives new to Korean and American firms.

Bridging Culture President and CEO Don Southerton notes “Fostering effective cross-cultural communication and understanding among American and Korean top management is a vital component in a firm’s continued success. Moreover, communication that reduces misunderstandings, while building trust and improving cooperation is vital.”

Southerton points out “To accomplish this mission Bridging Culture (BC) now offers executive level coaching and training intensives to educate top management on the cultural differences between Korean and western management styles, decision-making, and the differences in culture, norms, life style, and workplace.”

Southerton adds, “The Building Bridges™ program will assure that new executives are prepared to cope with the unique challenges that arise with Korean and American business ventures.

Over the past several years, Bridging Culture has also provided complimentary updates and insights into Asian and Korean business—a service it will continue to offer. These services include the Bridging Culture information website along with numerous topic-driven Internet updates.

For more information, please contact Don Southerton at 310-866-3777.



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