Friday, March 24, 2006

The Changing Korean Family

Korean family life insights...

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has released a special report on Korean families.

The report showed how families have changed. The report indicated that children and parents need to try to better understand each other.

Over 60 percent of parents said they are good at giving advice to their children. About 35 percent of children talk about problems with their parents.

Only 4 percent of children between ages 15 and 24 talk about problems with their fathers.

The report showed that fathers rarely do household chores and help with child rearing. Less than 10 percent of fathers do activities with their children and help with homework.

Thus, many fathers spend less time with their children than mothers.

When asked if they enjoy doing cultural activities with their children, such as going to movies and concerts, 6.5 percent of fathers said yes.

About 20 percent of fathers do outdoor activities with their children. These activities include playing sports and taking walks.

Watching television is the No. 1 family activity.

The report showed that 51 percent of parents place high value on their children. The parents said they wouldn't get divorced because of their children's future.

The Changes...
There are, however, some changes in the traditional Korean family. Young adults tend to favor couples living together before marriage. Most do not care for having children.

About 40 percent said the child who is well-off financially should take care of his or her parents. Twenty percent said the firstborn son should have that responsibility.

Traditionally in Korea, the firstborn son takes

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