Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lunch Korean-Style

I thought this article on preferences of business lunch was interesting. One reason the topic is soups is that Koreans, everbusy, take short lunches often in hurry before returned to work. Soup makes a quick lunch, One key aspect of the article is the generational preferences...BTW I prefer the Kimchi soup.

Korean executives mouths water for mudfish soup (Chueotang) while lower-ranking employees could do without the dish.

A recent survey conducted by the office catering business Samsung Everland that studied 5,071 workers between their teens and 50s on their favorite dishes at the canteen proves that might just be true.

According to the poll, mudfish soup made the top ten list with a score of 74.5 out of 100 among deputy managing directors and managing directors (most who wouuld be in their late 40s and 50s), but only managed a score of 55.6 among lower-ranking employees.

Grilled flatfish and ox-blood soup were also picked as favorite dishes among directors while they were far from popular among rank-and-file employees. By contrast, kimchi stew with tuna and grilled ham were tops among the staff while they were not enjoyed among company execs.

Brown seaweed soup and egg pudding ranked first and second with 77.7 point and 76.9 points respectively as everybody's favorite dishes, followed by smothered chicken, beef-rib stew, smothered tofu, and broiled kimchi, according to the survey.

By age group, employees in their 20s prefer kimchi stew with tuna, smothered chicken, and seasoned chicken. Deputy section managers and section managers in their 30s prefer smothered tofu, broiled kimchi, beef-rib stew, and grilled cutlass fish, while deputy managing directors and managing directors in their 40s and 50s enjoy grilled dried croaker, grilled cutlass fish, and mackerel boiled down in sauce.

By gender, men prefer beef-rib stew and bulgogi while women enjoy smothered chicken and cutlass fish boiled down in sauce. Samsung Everland said it will create a made-to-order menu that meets the taste of various cafeteria user groups based on this survey.

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