Sunday, October 22, 2006

Seoul Travel Update

Traveling to Seoul soon? Note some changes starting in early next year...

From early next year, passengers can use their credit cards to pay taxi fares in Seoul, city officials announced yesterday.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it will introduce the system next year for a three-month trial in 3,500 to 5000 taxis. The city will then review the system and expand it to cabs throughout Seoul.

The system will enable credit cards and the transit card T-Money to be used to pay fares. The T-Money card was introduced in July 2004 to make it easier for people to ride on subways and buses in Seoul.

The city said the system will be implemented in a bid to entice passengers to increase their usage of Seoul's 72,000 registered taxis through the convenient payment method.

In addition to the new taxi payment system, the city also said it will introduce special traffic cards for foreign visitors next month.

The special traffic card for visiting foreigners will debut on Nov. 1, allowing unlimited transfers on subways, local buses and city tour buses in Seoul.

A one-day card will cost 15,000 won ($15.63), with the two-day and three-day version costing 25,000 won ( $25.00) and 35,000 won ($35.00) respectively.

The cards can be purchased at the Incheon International Airport and any travel agency.

The city said it also discussing ways to offer foreigners discounted prices at tourist attractions around Seoul as well as Seoul Tower, Lotte World with the cards.

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