Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chinese Knock-offs and Hyundai-Kia

The Hyundai Santa Fe (left) and Huanghai Automobile’s SUV

When I talk with my Korean colleagues, concerns over China are often discussed. Knock-off of Korean goods is a huge issue. Most often I hear of Koreans sharing technology and skills with a Chinese partner. Eventually the partnership dissolves, usually after the Chinese partner has learned the skill needed...

Other concerns over Chinese knock-off include big ticket items...What's interesting with this Chosun Ilbo article and the Chinese copying Hyundai-Kia SUVs is that both Hyundai and Kia have strong operations in China--operations that require a Chinese partner.

Chinese Copycat Car Stuns Korean Carmakers

Hyundai Motor is considering legal action against a Chinese carmaker that presented a SUV that in parts looks identical to the new-model Santa Fe at the 2006 Beijing Auto Show. The altercation is the most serious spat in the car industry between the two countries over knock-off brands yet.

Industry insiders are convinced that the front design of a Huanghai Automobile car unveiled at the show is a virtual replica of the Hyundai Santa Fe, including an identical radiator grill and head lamps. The Chinese car’s side and rear, meanwhile, look oddly like those of another Korean car, the Kia Sorento. A Hyundai official said the Korean auto giant will take legal action if the Chinese copycat adversely affects sales of the new Santa Fe in China.

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  1. "Imitation is the highest form of flatterly..."

    However, imitiation that costs you money is not flattery, but robbery.