Sunday, February 11, 2007

Korean Lunar New Years

The 2007 Lunar New Year’s celebration (Seol) is this weekend February 17-19. This is the year of the Gold Pig, which represents good fortune and prosperity.

Along with Chusok (the fall harvest festival), Seol is the most important of traditional Korean holidays.

In Korea, Seol includes family activities that showing respect to elders and ancestors. Most Korean businesses are also closed for the holiday (Monday is a legal holiday) as millions of Koreans travel to join their families.

I see the holiday, as a great opportunity for Westerners to wish their Korean colleagues:
“ Sae hae bok mani bah deu say yo (“Happy Lunar New Year.”)

Hint: I'll break down the pronunciation:
“Sae hae bok—mah ne—bah deu say yo! Which literally means, "Please receive many New Year blessings!"


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