Sunday, May 06, 2007

U-Books: New Korean KTF Download Servive

I'm a huge fan of eBooks...all of my books are available in both Paperback and PDF formats. In fact, I've written an additional book available only in eBook format. (see my web site for more info).

Anyway, South Korea's KTF is now offering eBook (they call them U-Book) as a download to mobile phone users...
This makes sense in Korea, where most people have long commutes by bus, subway, and train...

Korea Herald
KTF Co., the nation's second-largest mobile operator,
will today begin a new electronic book service, along
with the nation's largest e-book solution provider

Dubbed U-Book, short for ubiquitous books, the new
service allows users to browse and read books on
digital gadgets such as mobile handsets, PCs and PDAs.
Ubiquitous here means one can have access to e-books
anywhere, anytime.

"This is the first of its kind as e-book users in the
past had to purchase a new e-book title if they wanted
to view the book on a different platform. Now, once a
KTF subscriber downloads a book file onto his computer
hard-disk, mobile phone or PDA, he or she can use it
for the rest of their life again and again," an
official with KTF's public relations team said.

About 90 percent of Booktopia's digital e-book content
will be available for purchase.

KTF said it would promote the educational use of
e-books, set up a separate e-book menu on its wireless
internet platform and launch a relevant monthly
subscription fee system by June.

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