Sunday, November 11, 2007

Korean Designed California-Style Fashion Retailer Expand to the U.S.

If asked where my work centers..._Everything Korean_ might be accurate. But actually, I try to focus on Korean global business and working with Korea's top firms in their global operations and expansion. Simply put, I help bridge gaps between Korean and host country team--from across North America, to Europe, the Middle East to Asia.

This caught my attention. What's even more interesting is that the Korean retailer sells the California Look!

Korean media notes...
Who.A.U, the casual clothing brand of the Korean retailer E.Land Group, opened its first store in the United States recently, making it Korea's first clothing maker to enter the world's largest consumer market.

The store, occupying a floor space, can be found on the first floor of Stanford Shopping Mall in Connecticut, E.Land said. It said Who.A.U will compete with global brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie and Fitch.

E.Land said the U.S. debut is the result of about 10 years of market studies conducted through its wholesaling activity of children's clothing. It believes that Who.A.U will be successful in the U.S. market because it is an American-style brand.

The company said the second store will open in May 2008 in New Jersey and that it plans to be operating a total of five shops next year. All products currently being sold at the U.S. store were designed in Korea. E.Land also said it plans to eventually open a design studio in the United States.

Who.A.U hood sweaters and jeans are priced below $50, slightly higher than the GAP and slightly lower than Polo, the company said.

It currently operates 40 Who.A.U stores in Korea nationwide and expects sales to reach about $53 million this year.

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