Friday, January 11, 2008

More Thoughts on Korean Business and Popular Culture: Volume 2—a new eBook is here.

Great News

Over the past years, I’ve posted hundreds of web-based articles and commentary. Last year bestselling author and agent of change Seth Godin suggested that I craft eBooks to showcase this aspect of my work.

More Thoughts is Free to download, Free to post on your site... or Free to email your team and colleagues. The eBook is in PDF format and is 28 pages.

Download More Thoughts on Korean Business and Popular Culture (The PDF will take a moment to download).

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of contemporary Korean business and culture.

Don Southerton

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  1. Hi
    I wanted to download the paper but it is for some reason not possible. Could you please give me an advise how I can do it?
    thank you.