Sunday, March 16, 2008

Globalize Effectively

My focus is providing teams and management with deep insights into Korean global business. Most often I explain to non-Koreans—Korea and Korean business. My clients are worldwide since Korean firms have aggressively expanded outside their domestic market.

Korea is also boldly looking for foreign investment, so I support and coach international clients seeking to better understand Korea. An aspect of my work is directly interacting with Korean teams and management, so I, too, share and receive their perspectives.

I enjoy both the Korean and non-Korean interaction, although my days are sometimes 24-7. Working at strange hours is common for most global business folks.

A Global Mindset
Many folks wish to better their global business skills. I’d like to share one practice vital to developing a global mindset.

Spend time with others not of your nationality or home country.

Last week, for example, outside working with American and Korean teams:
  • I met with three Korean graduate students.
  • Had coffee 4 times with a senior member of the Korean American community.
  • Chatted with two acquaintances from Iran (both of Persian heritage).
  • IM chatted with a friend from Canada working in Korea.
  • Spoke by phone with an Aussie.

Next week, so far I plan to:
  • Brainstorm with a Brit.
  • Chat at Starbucks with a business friend from Japan.
  • Reach out to a Chinese acquaintance.
  • Schedule some time with a German-based client.
  • Meet with a management professor and discuss women in  the Japanese and Korean workplace.

By the way, in all my interactions, I’m asked to discuss some aspect of Korea and Korean business. I enjoy this...
Interestingly, I also learn how others outside America view Korea and Korean business--- a very valuable insight.

To conclude,
Embracing a global mindset takes time and effort. Usually, it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Understanding specific cultures can also be a challenge. 

If your work is impacted by Korea and Korean business, I'd be happy to help. 
Just call or email. 
Yes, I'm available 24-7.


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