Sunday, April 20, 2008

Everything Korean: Online Social Networking, Web 2.0, and Global Business

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Hi this is Don Southerton, President and CEO of Bridging Culture Worldwide. In this edition of Everything Korean, I’ll be discussing Online Social Networking, Web 2.0, and Global Business.

Key to success in global business is embracing change. My advice to those wishing to go Global is to become skilled in Web 2.0—the use of Internet technology to facilitate creativity, information-sharing, and community. Specifically, developing human ties though online social networking allows one to connect worldwide. My network of contacts rings the world. For those conducting global business, understanding the different services is important. This includes knowledge on the cultural aspects of the social networks.

For example, in North America and Europe, we separate our business and personal lives. So, Web 2.0 services like Linkedin and Xing focus on business, while those like Facebook and Myspace center on personal connections.

Interestingly, in Korea, Cyworld dominates the market both socially and in business. Koreans use Cyworld not only for personal reasons, but also to reconnect and build a strong career and business network. In Korea, your social network has a huge impact on success in business.

My suggestions.
1. Take time daily to research Web 2.0 and social networking.

2. Subscribe and participate in those that fit your needs and interests.

If you wish to preview some key Web 2.0 sites, here are some of my links.

My website

My blog

Linkedin (business network)

Twitter (nano-blog)

Facebook (personal network)

Cyworld (personal network US version)

Friendfeed ( consolidate your Web 2.0)

Pownce (nano-blog)

YouTube (video)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Everything Korea. If I can assist, please feel free to contact BCW at 1-310-866-3777 or visit our website at

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