Monday, April 07, 2008

Seoul National, Yonsei, and Korea University: Strong Link with Korean CEOs

One's career path in Korea is strongly linked to eduction. To most Koreans, which high school and college one attends determines their career. That means parents strive to get their children into a prestigious high school and university.

This Korea Herald article provides some great insights.

More than 62 percent of CEOs at Korea's top 30 business groups graduated from the country's most prestigious universities -- Seoul National, Yonsei and Korea, according to a report issued yesterday.

The online job portal Saramin also said that 55.8 percent of the 231 CEOs had a bachelor's degree, 27.3 a master's degree, and 16.9 a doctorate.

Among those with a bachelor's degree, 35.1 percent were from SNU, while 14.7 and 11.7 percent were from Korea and Yonsei, respectively. The next two schools were Hanyang and Sungkyunkwan.

Almost 19 percent of the CEOs with a master's received their degrees from SNU. Those who got a degree from a foreign university accounted for 9.8 percent.

Although over 94 percent of CEOs with a bachelor's degree earned their degree from a Korean university, about 43 percent of those who have a master's or doctorate went to graduate schools abroad.

Nearly half of the CEOs majored in business, while other popular majors included economics, engineering and administrative studies.

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