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Some Thoughts: Hiring Non-Korean Global Executives

I have an Indian acquaintance, we often discuss Korea-based business with operations in India. He has worked with Korean teams. He is also very open to learning about Korean business culture. My Indian friend responded to the May 27 Bridging Culture Worldwide Blog regarding LG. I think the chat is very insightful and will benefit global teams.

Hi Don,
I read your recent post about LG becoming global. I was curious to know how the senior management chooses the non-Koreans for the major positions. Are they expected to know Korean culture along with the local culture/market they are working with. In case the foreigners don't know the Korean working methods wouldn't it take a longer transition time for them to settle into the organization and be productive?

I responded....
Sadly, most [of the new non-Korean global management] know Nothing about the culture. They tend to be in HR, PR, product development, and marketing. The Korean firms are more flexible and open to learn Western procedures and Best Practices in these areas so they is less push back.

My astute Indian friend noted...
Yeah, I have the observed the same ... I feel for long lasting relationship it is needed that the Non-K understand K culture closely and make it more productive. Else so much time is lost in getting to the same page ...

My Thoughts.
First, I feel that firms like LG have the best intentions and should hire top global management. This is the wave of the future. I see more firms recruiting top global talent. LG is a great model.

Where I am critical is that most Korean firms still do not provide in depth training and coaching for these new executives. If they get some training, it's usually on localizations and not frank, detailed insights.

As my Indian friend points out, much time is wasted while the new executive tried to figure things out. What a waste.

On the positive side, a few Korean global firms require all new management to get coaching and training. What a advantage in a workplace that is so complex and different.

Who conducts the training and coaching matters. It takes someone who knows the challenges, issues, history, past success, trends, and topics best not discussed...I can help. It's what I do.

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