Monday, July 07, 2008

BCW Web-based Korean Culture and Workplace Training

Good News. Rising travel cost and demanding work schedules no longer need limit your team from better understanding Korean workplace norms, practices and expectations.

Bridging Culture Worldwide Web-based training (WBT) has been offered on a limited basis for over two years. We have expanded this service and now it is available globally. The system gives BCW the ability to offer Web-based cross-cultural training and coaching across your organization

I would like to schedule a trial session for your team to experience this new program. This session will show the system’s great potential for training members of your organization—regardless of their work location or schedule. All that is required is Internet access. No downloads and no hassles. The preview will take about 45 minutes including Q&A.

My thought is that we offer the trial session soon, perhaps next week. You and your management team can select the best time and day. Once we confirm a time and day, the BCW Web-based system will send session announcements, personal invitations, and instructions.

I look forward your thoughts and suggestions. I am sure you and the team will be pleased with the WBT system.

Email me at or call +1-310-866-3777 or Skype ds19192


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