Friday, July 25, 2008

Everything Korean: Part 2, Supporting Non-Korean Management Teams

In this online edition of Everything Korean, I look at non-Korean executive-level management. 

Non-Korean Management
Most non-Korean executives employed to run Korean subsidiaries are veterans of their industry. They know the business. They are experts. Sadly, they know little of Korean business.

Even more significant, I found that many feel that given time, they will get Koreans to do business their way following the model and methods they polished and acquired working for other firms—often Japanese or German.

Contrary to the new executive’s hopes, I do not see Korean firms changing. In fact, if anything expect most Korean companies to stress global standards that transcend local methods and offer a unified standardized model.

Solution #1
My suggestion for subsidiary executives is to become fully versed in Korean methods. Learn about the company. Learn how Korean’s manage.

This does not occur without considerable insight, training, and coaching. In fact, expecting understanding to unfold over time is an ineffective approach and leads to frustration and poor results.

More shocking and damaging, is that some senior team members without training “never get it.”

In addition, I believe it is vital to give non-Korean executives the skills to support their Korean counterparts--who may not have yet grasped successful local practices.

Taking Action.
Supporting non-Korean management is a must for all Korean-based organizations. This support must be more than Korean cross-cultural understanding. Mentoring and coaching is the key. Experience and skills vary, so each program must be tailored to address individual needs.

More significant, mentoring requires the Coach understand both Korean and western business, not to mention the specific Western and Korea-based firms and the industry in general.

To conclude,
BCW specializes in working with both Korean and non-Korean management. We understand business. We understand the challenges, pressures and expectations. We offer training that fits demanding work schedules and tight budgets.

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