Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hyundai Motor and Samsung Among Top 100 Global Brands

In Korea several brands are iconic and ubiquitous--Hyundai and Samsung top the list. Over the past few years Korean brands have made huge progress globally

Korea Herald notes...
Hyundai Motor Co. and Samsung Electronics Co. were included on the U.S.-based brand consulting firm Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2008 list. The two companies were the only Korean firms to make it onto the list.

Samsung Electronics, whose brand value increase 5 percent from last year to $17.7 billion, maintained its position at 21st place. Among the eight consumer electronics makers that made it into the list, Samsung Electronics was given the second highest position after Finland's Nokia Corp., ranked fifth.

Although Hyundai Motor's position, 72nd, also remained the same as the year earlier, the company's value rose by a larger margin of 9 percent over the same period to $4.8 billion. Among the 11 car brands on the list, the company was ranked eighth highest, above Ferrari, Lexus and Porsche. The top ranked car brand was Toyota, which came in sixth overall.

For Hyundai Motor, which became the first Korean carmaker to be included on the list in 2005 when it was ranked 84th, this is the fourth consecutive year in which the company has made the list of the world's 100 most valuable brands.

Overall, the world's most valuable brand was Coca-Cola Co., valued at $66.7 billion, for the eighth consecutive year. The second and third places were taken up by IMB Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

The largest increase in brand value was recorded by Google, whose brand value jumped 43 percent to push up the company's ranking to 10th from last year's 20th.

By country, the United States produced the largest number of companies on the list, followed by Germany and France. The United States had 52 brands that originated from its shores while Germany and France respectively had 10 and eight.

With seven brands originating from it, Japan was the only other Asian country along with Korea to have brands on the list.

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