Monday, December 15, 2008

Korea, American Baby Boomers, and the New Kia Soul

Last week when I was in Korea, I hosted a team of global developers in a visit to Hyundai Kia Motor Company HQ and their R & D Center. Our focus was high level meetings on Hyundai and Kia Green technology.

Pulling up in front of the HMC HQ, my client's black $80K US ( $150 K in Korea w/ VAT) Cadillac Escalade drew lots of attention. Once inside the HQ, one of the EVPs noticed the new Kia Soul. He said, " Wow, that cool, I want one them." I was a little surprised. Having been around Kia discussions of the Soul for years, I saw it as a Gen Y car. Later at the R & D Center, my clients--all Baby Boomers--were able to look the Soul over....they love it. They all want one--along with their BMW, etc.

So, I expect great things from the Soul in 2009. It could be the year's big hit, even with the Baby Boomers.
BTW Here's a great link on the Soul


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