Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Korean Internship Program: A WEST Update

Last week I posted that BCW was supporting a worthy project to to promote goodwill between the U.S. and Korea. Link to U.S. Embassy Seoul announcement.
The program is called WEST-Work, Study English, and Travel.
BCW was asked to recommend top U.S. firms well suited to offer internships to Korean university students.  
The Korean interns will learn about U.S. business and your company will have access to quality interns who are motivated to perform and learn. It's a win-win for all. 

After a number of requests, I have compiled a

WEST Program Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some guidelines for a Paid Internship?
Most internships are paid. Interns generally make a 'living wage'. This varies between $12 and $22 per hour depending on location.

Are there additional employer costs?
There are no additional costs for the employer. Moreover, the interns have medical insurance. They are responsible for their own travel and housing.

When will the program begin?
The first group of WEST participants will be completing their five month language program in time to start their internship on September 1st or September 15th, 2009.

What is the typical length of the internships?
The length of the internship is flexible. It should be at least 3 months long, most participants would prefer a 6 to 12 month position.

What is the background and skills of the interns?
The WEST program is very popular in Korea and the application process was competitive. Even before starting their 5 month English language program in the US, participants are very competent in English. Participants are studying a wide range of majors including business administration (11%), IT (5%), industrial design (2%), and various engineering disciplines (9%).

What employer paperwork is required to enroll?
The employer will need to complete one simple form called the DS-7002. CIEE will walk the employer through this process.

If you are ready to enroll or would like more information please contact:

Deena Robinson
Director, Employer Relations
CIEE International Work & Study Programs
300 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101 USA
Tel: +1.207.553.4180
Fax: +1.207.553.5180
Email: drobinson@ciee.org

Phil Simon
Vice President, Employer Relations
CIEE International Work & Study Programs
300 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101 USA
Tel: +1.207.553.4007
Fax: +1.207.553.5007
Email: psimon@ciee.org

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