Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final Day Korea Trip March 2009: Back to the States

I'm headed back to the states. After a week traveling across Seoul multiple times, I'll miss the private drivers. What also stands out is the Korean car navigation system. They are quite advanced--much more than in the U.S. For one, most track traffic conditions real time. What I really like is an expected arrival time that constantly is updating.

What may surprise folks is that integrated into the nav system is local TV and something similar to on-demand movies. That means that the driver can watch their favorite TV while driving. This can be a little scary in heavy Seoul traffic traveling at high speeds. I'm shocked there are not more accidents....

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  1. Forgot to mention, the Kia Soul stands out. It's not your typical Korean car.
    For one, it's not silver or black ( seen as status colors). Next, it's unique and not trying to emulate other success models.

    Check the launch of Soul in the states.