Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kia Motors Go Green

Green technology drive much of the car industry. Hyundai and Kia Motors will soon enter the hybrid market. Their entry model for Kia will be a Liquid Petroleum version. LP is popular in Korea.

Korea Herald notes.
Kia Motors Corp. yesterday unveiled the liquefied petroleum gas-electric hybrid version of the Forte and its eco-friendly sub-brand Eco Dynamics.

Eco Dynamics is a sub-brand that represents ecology and economics and the company's aim of developing environmentally friendly automotive technologies, the logo for which will be used on hybrid, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles to be launched in the future.

The hybrid Forte is equipped with a 1.6-liter LPG engine and an electric motor to support the internal combustion engine during acceleration and when the vehicle is started.

The vehicle's maximum power output is 114 brake horsepower and fuel economy comes in at 17.2 kilometers per liter of LPG fuel, which is equivalent to 21.5 kilometers per liter fuel economy in terms of gasoline.

The LPI hybrid Forte is the world's first hybrid vehicle to be fitted with a lithium-ion polymer battery, which is lighter and smaller but has higher output than nickel-metal hydride batteries. The company also altered the exterior and interior design of the hybrid Forte to set it apart from the normal version of the vehicle. The company said that it plans to develop a distinct tune that will be played when the hybrid Forte is started to further differentiate the car from conventional vehicles and use the tune in advertising campaigns.

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