Monday, May 11, 2009

New York Times and Korea's East Sea

In Monday's NYT, a full page ad ( similar to the one I have posted) corrects the paper for recently labeling the waters east of Korea as the Sea of Japan. Historically, it's called the East Sea. The use of Sea of Japan irks many...

The sponsor (Daum) website notes other sensitive issues.


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  2. Korea Herald notes:A Korean activist bought a full page advertisement in the New York Times' May 11 edition demanding the newspaper stop referring to the East Sea as the Sea of Japan.

    Seo Kyung-duk, a Korean publicity expert and guest professor at Sungshin Women's University in Seoul, bought the ad and titled it "Error in NYT."

    Seo has bought ads in the newspaper before. Last July and August, he spent millions of won on full-page advertisements about Dokdo and the East Sea in the NYT and the Washington Post.

    The most recent ad points out the NYT's "mistake" when it refered to the East Sea as the Sea of Japan on a reference map for an article concerning North Korea's rocket launch.

    With the ad, Seo inserted a map that the NYT used for the article, but changed the label "Sea of Japan" to the "East Sea." At the bottom of the ad, Seo stresses the historical aspect of the name, saying "The sea between Korea and Japan has been called the 'East Sea' by numerous countries for 2000 years and an island called 'Dokdo,' which is located in the East Sea was recognized as a Korean territory. These are historical facts that are not exchangeable."

    In the ad, Seo said "the most well-known newspaper firms such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post never called 'East Sea' as its name according to my research for Asia-related articles for the last 10 years.

    "I wanted to correct errors by global newspapers, which are the most read papers among numerous countries' government, firms, press and international organizations," he said.

    He has further plans to publicize the "East Sea" as the correct name. He said he is going to buy ads in other major press with titles like "Error in WSJ (Wall Street Journal)" and "Error in WP (Washington Post)."