Monday, July 13, 2009

Time to Re-focus and Support Your Teams

By Don Southerton
Mountain air gives me clarity. Stepping back also allows us to see what really matters and re-focus. My role often is to advise, coach, and mentor. That said, over the past few months most Korea focused firms have dropped or cutback on providing their teams with cross-cultural training and coaching. (For me, I've been more than busy with a number of high profile projects including a new book on Songdo IBD due to be released in August and with supporting the Korea WEST program.)

Recently, a number of BCW clients have begun to hire new key team members, expand into new markets, or recognize that their business remains strongly tied to Korea and Korean workplace norms.

Korean culture and business training within your organization should be a constant and never ending process. Korea changes rapidly--staying current is important.

In addition to providing new team members with awareness and skills, provide all team members and key management with coaching and ongoing training. In other words, don't assume they will just pick up needed skills--it's rare.

To conclude,
Now more than ever, understanding the dynamics of the Korean mindset, its economy, and major business groups is vital. Korea and Korean business can be complex. BCW knows Korea and is ready to support you and your team.

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