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2009 August BCW Update

I'm always interested in new projects and hope you keep BCW in mind.

This report shares the scope of our expertise as well as some of our achievements and works-in-progress. (Note: most of BCW’s relationships are highly confidential and private, so specifics on research, business development, U.S.- Korea brokering, executive coaching, and expert witness work are not reflected in the report).

Some of current projects include:

Hyundai Motor Company Global Training Program--Author and consultant

State Department and MOFAT WEST (Work, Study, and Travel)-Consultant

Gale International and Songdo International Business District (IBD)-Consultant and book author

Resort Monarque 36.5--Business development representative and advisor

Hyundai MOBIS Global Leadership Training-Lecturer and consultant

Kia Motors America-Korean culture coach

Hyundai Motor Company Global Training Program—Seoul and La Jolla, California

After 2 ½ of years of planning, development, and daily collaboration, BCW and Hyundai Motor Company Global Business Division are nearing the release of a Computer-based Training project (CBT), Inside Hyundai. The CBT will be an informative, highly interactive program that offers insightful information into Hyundai Motor Company and Korea as a whole. The CBT will be offered in DVD across the HMC global organization.

BCW CEO Don Southerton was responsible for the CBT’s extensive content and storyline, including an overview of Korea’s rich heritage, contemporary society, and future-thinking achievements. In addition, the CBT provides insights in Hyundai culture and global organization. Southerton notes, “An outcome of the program will be a deeper understanding of Korea-based Hyundai Motor Company including its history, awards and accolades achieved over the past 40 years, its present product line-up and an overview of milestones it is striving to accomplish.

The CBT DVD has been translating into 7 languages and will be shared across the global network of over 6000 dealers and distributors. An English version of the program will also be available on HMC’s Global Learning Management System.

Finally, arrangement are underway to offer similar CBT DVD and web-based programs for Hyundai Kia Motor Group sister companies, along with other Korean-based firms.

WEST (Work Study and Travel)-Seoul, Portland, Maine, and La Jolla, California

The WEST (Work, English Study, Travel) program is an innovative exchange program that will allow up to 5,000 qualifying university students and recent university graduates from South Korea to enter the United States for a period of 18 months.

Participants are first required to devote time in structured English language training and coursework. They then intern to learn first hand about American business practices, U.S. corporate culture, and general management issues. The program launched in April 2009, with the first round of students now ready for fall 2009 internships.

BCW has co-hosted events in NYC at the Korea Society and a field trip to LA’s office of Initiative Media. Additional events are planned for the fall.

BCW works closely with CIEE on both strategic (State Department and MOFAT) and hands-on placement levels.

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has been designated by the U.S. Department of State and the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) as a sponsor of the recently established WEST program.

Gale International and Songdo International Business District (IBD)—Seoul, Songdo, NYC, and La Jolla, California

Located on the west coast of Korea, Incheon has played a significant role in the opening of Korea to the West in the late 19th century. Once called Chemulpo, the backwater port quickly became home to a diverse group of merchants, traders, entrepreneurs, and sojourners.

A century later, the city’s waterfront is again becoming an international community and center for business and trade with the construction of Songdo IBD—a joint effort between New York-based Gale International and POSCO E&C. The 10-year project located with Incheon Free Economic Zone (FEZ) aspires to make South Korea the preeminent business hub of Asia.

BCW supports the Gale International senior executive team as a Korean cultural and business consultant. In addition, the Gale organization sponsored BCW CEO Don Southerton to craft a comprehensive pictorial history of the foreign settlement and Songdo IBD area

Media events are planned for Korea, California, and NYC.

Hyundai MOBIS Global Leadership Training—Seoul and Namyang, Korea

In 2009, the MOBIS HQ Human Resource department and BCW have restructured their Global Manager Leadership Development training to include an Inside MOBIS program. In the past, BCW conducted both onsite and virtual training. The new program includes a Train the Trainer program, which will provide content, methodology, and a format for participants to offer similar training at the respective global subsidiaries

During Week 1 of the two-week Seoul Korea-based program, Don Southerton will conduct approximately 40 hours of lecture, instruction, and culture tours. Week 1 will focus on Korean culture and history; Hyundai history and culture; and MOBIS workplace culture. The training will be highly interactive, informative, and practical.

Week 2 will be a 32-hour Inside MOBIS certification program. This intensive Train the Trainer program will share additional insights in MOBIS history, culture, organization, and vision. Tours will include HKMC R&D and MOBIS facilities.

During the both weeks, Southerton will assign team projects and case studies. On the final day of each week attendees will give a presentation to HQ Korean senior management to showcase their understanding of the Inside MOBIS instructional content.

The program will launch in Fall 2009.

Kia Motors America—Irvine, California

This year KMA and BCW have been offering a series of Korean Culture presentations. A different presentation is offered quarterly vs. the past Korea 101 and Korea 201’s 6-week format. Moreover, each quarterly workshop explores new and different topics, as well as providing an update on the Korean economy, trends, and current events that impact KMA.

The intent of each of the 2-hour workshops is to build upon the current experiences of the team, while providing new understandings.

(Similar programs are planned for a number of Hyundai-Kia Motor sister companies).

Questions? Projects? Ideas? Feel free to call or email.


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