Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thought of the Day: Korean Global Business # 25

Day 25
Spend time in a Korean office observing teams and you'll find many workers surfing the Internet.

On one level, workplace norms require they be at their desk long hours--even if they have little workload or completed their projects. Surfing allows them look busy at their desk and pass the time.

I have found that surfing is popular during lunch hour and in group meetings.

That said,
Koreans spend considerable time on the Internet. In a previous Blog posting I listed some top eMedia sources. (BTW Korea newspapers like in most global markets are finding paper edition sales dropping annually).

Here are some interesting Korean Blogs to follow.

DPRK Studies ( North Korea focused)

Korea Vision ( Great insights by Leonid Petrov)

The Grand Narrative ( Gender, advertising, and popular culture)


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