Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Getting It"--Give Your Teams the Opportunity

"Getting it"
I'm working with a new client this week sharing Korean culture, management norms, and workplace insights. Feedback has been very positive.

Some Korean-based firms recognize the importance of offering their teams (western and Korean) cross cultural training.
Sadly many do not. Expected the team to "get it" takes time and many never gain insights that would improve productivity and communications. Doing nothing also confirms to some that the company is ignoring the problem.

My advice is simply.

Offer both non-Korean and Korean management teams cross-cultural training. For Korean overseas executives, newly assigned to America (Europe, etc), cross-cultural, localization, and trust-building skills are essential. For new American management and teams insights into Korean culture, norms, and workplace expectations is vital.

BTW Management and teams given the training and coaching are like a sponge soaking up the info. Give your team the opportunity.

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