Monday, October 26, 2009

October Update: Chemulpo Book, Korea 2.0, The Korea Society, Korea WEST, and Korea Cuisine

By Don Southerton
The past few weeks have been an exciting time. Korea's economy continues to rebound. Our training and coaching programs continue to be popular and effective. In fact, in November, we’ll be in Korea working with teams from around the world.

Meanwhile, our new pictorial history book Chemulpo to Songdo IBD: Korea’s International Gateway continues to be popular. We share it globally at and through Goggle Books.

We also continue to support Korea WEST, a US and Korean government program that allows Korean university students and recent graduates to travel to America, polish their English language skills then work as an intern to better understand Western business practices. Placement for the next group of students in now underway. I encourage you to support Korea WEST.

What also has me excited this fall is an all-new BCW program. We call it Korea 2.0. We’ve posted a number of Vodcasts on YouTube. Your can find them by searching under Korea 2.0 or this link.

Next, the presentation we gave in September at the Korea Society in NYC is now available in a podcast. The program shares why the Korean car industry has positioned itself for success. BTW Supporting my talk, last week both Hyundai and Kia Motors posted record sales and profitability, which comes of little surprise. The Korea Society Podcasts.

Finally, interested in Korea cuisine? We just launched a new Blog—Korea Cuisine at
You can visit the site to learn about classic Korean foods, which are quickly becoming popular globally.

To conclude
Korea is noted for its dynamic fast paced society and workplace. Our programs looks deeply into the dramatic changes occurring in industry and the workforce, along with the impact of globalization and striking up market trends. If your work and business is tied to Korea, knowing what to expect as we pull out of the global recession will only better prepare you and your team.

Please contact us today for more information on BCW programs and services.

As always, we’re available 24-7-365 at 1-310-866-3777 and by email at or visit our website.

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