Friday, October 09, 2009

Staying Connected: Virtual Technology and Korean Global Business

Most late afternoons, ( if I'm not in Korea), I connect to teams in Korea. 8 am in Korea is 4 pm pst. We discuss projects, share updates, and review plans. Virtual meetings and web technology make this possible. On another level, I stay in tune with Korea on a daily basis.

Bridging Culture Worldwide's focus is building cross-cultural understanding with organizations linked to Korean business.

We see each client's needs as unique.

Over the years, BCW has worked with hundreds of clients to improve their understanding of Korean and global business. ( We also assist Korean teams in learning about their global partners.)

I get this question often...
"Exactly what does BCW do?" After a moment of thought, I usually respond with a recap on work BCW had performed that week....

1. Educated an American management team working for a global Korean-maker on the differences between Korean, international, and American business practices.

2. Shared with senior American leadership how to handle a very sensitive Korea culture related issue.

3. Facilitated team building within a Korea-based business' US operations.

4. Crafted a comprehensive cross cultural program for a Korean global organizations to train the host teams in Korean norms (and their corporate culture), while localizing the Korean teams to their new markets and cultures.

How we can help your firm... BCW offers a complimentary assessment of your organization's cross-cultural needs.

We look forward to discussing your needs. Please contact BCW at your convenience--24/7/365. (As a global company, we sleep little...)


Don Southerton

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