Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2 Korea November 2009--Night Golf, Gangnam, Kraze Burgers

Incheon International Airport ranks tops among global airports. Travel through the facility is hassle-free. There now seems to be less H1N1 concerns. They stopped the individual body temperature checks upon debarking and are back to relying on high tech infrared camera screening at a checkpoint.

Evening when I arrived, so when leaving the airport it was hard not to notice the adjacent golf course illuminated for night golf. In fact, it reminded me of community soccer and baseball fields in the US—only the Korea site covered more terrain. It’s very well lit. Demand for golf is high in Korea, so I assume it justifies the investment and costs.

Traffic was a little heavy as I headed into Gangnam (the business district south of the Han River). Saturday evening there. Short meeting a Korean team member who greeted me at the hotel—Artnouveau city. Then to Coffee Bean at Gangnam Financial Center for another meeting. Since Coffee Bean closed at 9:00 pm we headed down the street to Kraze Burgers. Unlike many of the Korean western-style burger joints, Kraze seem to get things “right.” In fact, the chili bowl was outstanding.

Finished evening sharing Korea 2.0 concept with client

Tomorrow—I travel to Jeju Island and the Haevichi Hotel and Resort (part of the Hyundai Kia Motor Group).

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