Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 11 Korea November 2009--Cupcakes, Coffee, and Cars

I often work with global teams visiting Korea for the first time. After 4-5 days, they start noting differences between their home cultures and Korea. It's normal. We all do it. What's important to remember is that no culture is right or wrong just different.

Some observations--actually a collection of images. First cupcakes have become a trendy dessert in Korea. They are also pricey--about $4.50 to $5.00. BTW, nothing goes with cake like ice cream--and Haagen Dazs is tops on my list, so I'm glad it can be found in Korea.

Next Korean instant coffee has long been in demand. What continues to be improved is how your can make a cup using a variety of mixes. For those who enjoy Starbucks and Coffee Bean , they try their best at being Green. Unlike in the states, trash cans divides liquids from plastics and paper trash.

American beverage brands like Coca Cola has long been available, what's changed is the wide variety of non-alcoholic juices and ice teas.

Korea's car navi systems are amazing. They provide real time traffic information. While I'm discussing cars, I find the city car or micro minivan's like the GM Damas effective for urban driving--and great for the streets and alleys or Seoul. Not sure how, i'd like to drive around in one, but still neat.

Finally, the concern over H1N1 is widespread. To address this, disinfectant machine are across the city--most often as you enter a building or business.

Cupcakes, Coffee, and Cars

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  1. Korea changes so fast. It has only been 3 years since I visited Korea, yet I noticed that Korea changes so fast.

    Korea follows trend after trend so fast its amazing!

    Maxim, definitely a coffee brand I see so much in Korea!