Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 9 Korea November 2009--Jeju Day Tour

I’m back in Seoul and Gangnam after a week on Jeju Island. I've been working with global teams from UK, US, Dubai, AU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and India. Our last day included visiting Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak). Although it was a brisk November day, Seongsan is a popular site. Older Koreans tackled the walk with vigor few younger folks could match. After the hike we shared a hearty lunch, which include kalbi chim (short ribs stew) and local fish. Dessert--tasty Jeju oranges.

Look for my next update, which will include a historical tour I’m conducting of Seoul’s Gyeongbok Palace, Cheongyechon Stream, Jogye Temple, and Insadong. BTW I've written 2 books (Intrepid Americans : Bold Koreans - Early Korean Trade, Concessions, And Entrepreneurship, and A Yankee in the Land of the Morning Calm, which discuss this section of the city. I enjoy sharing its long history.

Here are some great photos of the Jeju tour.

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