Thursday, November 12, 2009

Special Upcoming Korea Commentary

I'm headed to Korea on Friday pst (arrival in Korea Saturday pm).
That said, over the next two weeks I'll be sharing frequent text, photo, and video commentary. Like in the past, I plan to share frank insights into culture, society, and workplace.
Interested in a topic, market, or issue?
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  1. Hello. I could suggest several -

    1) How exposed are the little children to pornography on the internet?

    2) S. Korea's big cities have been subjected to relentless development & re-development with apartments & shopping districts. So, how does the general urbanscape look? Are the cities sound architecture-wise & layout-wise?

    3) An American blogger lamented on the fact that S. Korea has lost a distinctive cultural feel that makes traveling to foreign countries interesting. Does S. Korea leave a uniquely Korean impression on you, just as you might feel differently in France, Germany, England, and Japan?

  2. Thanks for the input.

    A quick response to #3. Sadly, many visitors to Korea are on tight business schedules and never venture outside hotels and HQs. Seoul has some cool cultural venues. Few ever get out of the city, and then it's a DMZ tour or quick visit to the Folk Village.