Monday, January 18, 2010

Samsung, LG, Hyundai Kia, SK: What's Your Korean Culture Plan for 2010?

The new year is shaping up. I hope you had the opportunity to review my 2010 Looking Forward Korea Executive Commentary. Click Here for link.

That said, it’s time to consider Korea business and workplace focused training for the team.

Korean culture training within your organization should be a constant and never ending process. In addition to providing new team members with awareness and skills, provide all team members and key management with coaching and ongoing training. More significant, Korea is constantly changing--so staying up to date is vital. I have deep insights—and stay current daily.

I have 2 suggestions for training in 2010.

One option is quarterly workshops providing insights into modern Korean business and the workplace that directly impact your company. Additional topics can include new Korean management and communication styles, business norms, and workplace etiquette.

The intent of each of the 2-hour workshops is to build upon the current experiences of the team, while providing new understandings.

Option 2 is our Korea 2.0 program. This training shares insights into where Korea, its economy, and markets are headed.

It was especially designed for management and teams of Korea-based global firms, those involved with ventures in Korea, or those working with Korean companies.

A key aspect of BCW's Korea 2.0 is its focus on future trends now beginning to unfold.

Korea is noted for its dynamic fast paced society and workplace. Korea 2.0 looks deeply into the dramatic changes occurring in industry and the workforce, along with the impact of globalization and striking up market trends. If your work and business is tied to Korea, knowing what to expect as we pull out of the global recession will only better prepare you and your team.

All programs can be offered to groups and/ or executives.

Please contact me today to discuss your needs for 2010.

I’m available 24-7-365 at 1-310-866-3777 or by email at


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