Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Marcus Noland and North Korea Economic Reforms

Carlsbad, CA February 18, 2010 -- Korea Business Central, the premiere Korean business and networking site’s ongoing interview series looks to Marcus Noland, author and noted scholar, for insights in recent events in North Korea.

Marcus Noland is an economist working at the interstice of economics, political science, and international relations. His book, Avoiding the Apocalypse; the Future of the Two Koreas, won the prestigious Ohira Memorial Prize. He also co-authored Famine in North Korea: Markets, Aid, and Reform with Stephan Haggard.

In this interview, Noland discusses recent economic events in North Korea, including last year’s currency reform, as well as scenarios for the future. Noland explains how China and South Korea have undercut US efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons in the North and indicates that unification of the Korean peninsula is not inevitable, even after the Communist regime falls.

As for North Korea's economic plight Noland notes, “It’s a terrible thing. North Korea is in a very good neighborhood. North Korea ought to be a wealthy country...It borders South Korea which is, arguably, the premier development success story of the post-war period and it’s only a short ocean transport distance away from Japan – the world’s second largest economy or third, depending on how you count”.

The interview and community discussion are available. Click here

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