Friday, May 28, 2010

10 Steps to a Successful Internship, with Anna Cash-Mitchell

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10 Steps to a Successful Internship, with Anna Cash-Mitchell, BCW Director of Employer Relations

1.Set specific goals for yourself and the internship. Know what you want to accomplish during the internship.

2.Do your job and do it well. Ask your supervisor for a job description or written internship plan to help you better understand the position.

3.Act professionally. Be considerate, in a mixed group of Koreans and Americans, remember to speak English so that everyone is included. Be aware that certain comments, jokes and humor are not appropriate in all cultures. This includes topics that might be considered sexual, sexist, or racist.

4.Schedule regular meetings with your internship supervisor. Ask questions. Be open to learning new skills.

5.Carry a notebook with you at all times, take notes, and review daily.

6.Ask for Help. If you don't know how to perform a task, don't be afraid to ask. As an intern, your supervisor should understand that you're new to the job and should be willing to spend time working with you.

7.Dress Appropriately. The first thing people notice about an individual is his or her dress. Wear business-professional attire. BTW, much of America is business casual.

8.Don't pass up opportunities to have experiences beyond the regular scope of the internship that lead to chances to learn more about the company or industry.

9.Send thank you letters and emails. Keep in touch with key coworkers from your internships -- and cultivate them to become part of your network.

10.Consider accepting both paid and non-paid internships. Some of the best internships for high-profile companies may not be paid.

And finally, be eager for a challenge

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