Monday, December 20, 2010

Korean Year-End Business Norms and a Holiday Greetings

With the year end, Korean Groups are in the middle of annual end of year reporting, restructuring, promotions, and new assignments. Many Korean members already have begun to share news of the re-assignments, others will find out next week. Samung Group announced a record number of Director and above promotions, we'll see what happens at Hyundai Kia Motor Group and the other Groups.

Meanwhile expect some change both at senior leadership and across the teams.   Those receiving promotions should be congratulated--promotions bring considerable status along with a boost in wages.

On a more personal level...
As the holidays approach, you may wish to greet Korean colleagues with:

Sae hae bok man i ba deu say yo! (Seasons Greetings)

Hint: Break the greeting into: sae hae bok—mahne—bah deu say yo

Sae hae bok man i ba deu say yo! works well both in person, in a card, or an email. It is a common seasonal greeting into the New Year.

On behalf of myself and Bridging Culture Worldwide have a happy holiday season!

Sae hae bok man i ba deu say yo!

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