Sunday, April 03, 2011

Coming Soon: BCW Commentary--Korea 2011 Coffee, Cars, Golf, and Culture

By Don Southerton, Editor
I'm just back from Korea and  my commentary (due out in a few days) will cover Korea 2011--Coffee, Cars, Golf, and Culture. In the meantime....

I devoted lots of time on my recent trip to the franchise industry in Korea. Some continue to be wildly successful. One that stands out was Paul Basset Coffee with 6 high profile and very upscale shops in a city with literally thousands of coffee shops.

Paul Bassett
Paul Bassett Ferrum Tower, Seoul

Paul Bassett Korea
Chic, upscale, trendy, and about $4 for a small cup.


  1. It's interesting to see the coffee culture become so widespread in Seoul and Bundang. I do wonder though when the bubble will pop...some places are charging as much for a cup as a full meal at Korsan restaurants.

  2. Great share! The ironic thing is people seem to think the coffee/cafe business is a "stable" venture nowadays. As always we enjoy your insight and support. Have a good one!

  3. Hello Don, thanks for sharing your post. I recently became aware that the next 2012 World Expo is in Yeosu, and wanted to ask if you can comment on the socio-political environment around that. Was it something the public seemed to want? Is it important for Korea? Is it expected to bring more attention/tourism/business to the area? Just curious about it, really.
    Nina Natina