Saturday, August 20, 2011

SPC Group--Korea's Food Brand Leader

By Don Southerton, BCW Editor
Last week's article on Seoul's Passion 5 drew a number of inquiries on SPC.
Here's a short summary. I see them as Korea's top food brand.

1.Brand Name: SPC Group

2. Year of establishment:  1945

3. Company Positioning:  The largest and most profitable Food company in Korea with sales of $2.4 Billion in 2010, which grew from $1 Billion in 2005. SPC has ambitious plans to grow the company through acquisition of international brands and development of its international organization.

4. Brands: SPC has developed its own brand, Paris Croissant, a high quality bakery café, to become the # 1 domestic brand in sales volume in Korea: 2800 stores and $ 1.2 billion in sales in 2010.

SPC has also built the Baskin Robbins/ Dunkin Doughnuts business into market share leaders in Korea in each of their businesses generating $ 486 million in sales and 1733 stores on a combined basis. SPC has just licensed Jamba Juice and plans to open 200 locations.

SPC has built these businesses on its expertise in baking technology, developed in its other subsidiaries, which are the leaders in high quality baking in Korea which includes Samlip General Foods and Shany.
Totally, SPC has over 4500 stores.

5. International business: Has grown from $0 in 2003 to $ 43 million in 2010 in China and the US.

6. HQ Locations: Seoul

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