Sunday, January 29, 2012

KoreaPros Meets Growing Demand for Korea-savvy Recruitment and Consulting Services

Specialized in global recruitment, human resource development, and cross-cultural consulting, KoreaPros’ focus is Korea-facing companies and investors entering U.S. market. 

For Immediate Release
Denver, Colorado, January 29, 2012—With the success of brands like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia along with solid investment by Korea-based companies in new state of the art American production facilities demand is high for qualified U.S. workers. To best meet this demand, KoreaPros has launched a comprehensive recruitment, HR, and consultancy service.

LA-based KoreaPros’ CEO S.K. Moon notes, “Our role is to consult and assist Korea-facing companies, and investors entering U.S. market, with their various human resource needs. We have a worldwide partnership network, and offer a wide variety of human resource initiatives to support international clients.”

Don Southerton, KoreaPros’ Senior Advisor and Korean global business expert points out, “Korean brands and products’ sell, whether it's an the eco-friendly Hyundai Sonata hybrid, to the sporty Kia Soul or a chic Forever 21 outfit. Looking forward to 2012, with the KORUS FTA (South Korea and United States Free Trade Agreement) and the proven success of Korean product in America, we’ll see more Korean brands entering the U.S.—a trend that is good for both the American consumer and the job market.” Southerton added, “Without the right people that understand nuances of a diverse and deeply rooted culture such as Korea there are often challenges to business’ success. KoreaPros looks to best match people and companies with a cultural approach”

Sharing more details, Moon explains, “American companies with Korean company clients have better results with internal Korea-savvy employees in terms of long-term growth and partnership. We offer unique knowledge with regard to a cross-cultural and best fit analysis. With over 30 years of industry expertise our value added propositions are unmatched in skill and reliability.”

About KoreaPros 
KoreaPros is the premier human resources/organizational development consulting firm and networking portal for professional Korean jobs including renewable energy, medical, fabrics/textile, chemical, IT, bio-engineering, automotive, construction, and government. We offer a wide range of human resource solutions to best serve our clients. Specialties include: Human Resource Consulting, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Staffing, Bridging Talent and Corporate Cultures, 글로벌 인재 등용 및 인사 전문.  Visit us at


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