Saturday, August 18, 2012

Korea Facing-- A New Work In Progress

By Don Southerton, Editor, 
As an author I'm often challenged with "what to write about next?' My early books were academic papers that evolved into published works.  3 books were short historical novel. Chemulpo to Songdo IBD was a pictorial history that  tied into my work in Korea on the Songdo city and land development project, while recent writing have centered on my years with Hyundai and Kia Motors. Moreover, articles like the two for Forbes drew from my experiences w/ Songdo IBD, green Car development, and my move to the trendy Belmar District near Denver, CO.

That said, I have a new work in progress. It's one I have pondered for years. It's a topic I know well... So to take from the  book I've titled Korea Facing here is an excerpt from the Foreword.

The book differs from most on Korean business. Frankly, its audience is not those working or looking to be employed in South Korea, although they will benefit its content. The focus is instead for the ever-growing number of people employed by Korean-based companies outside South Korea. This book will provide you with a strategy to succeed.  Likewise, if your firm provides services or products to a South Korean overseas subsidiary or operations this book will be beneficial and offer  tactics to strengthen and maintain the relationship. Finally, if your company has significant business in Korea, but leadership and headquarters is located in the West, we offer key management with suggestion on how best to deal with pressing issues and challenges that surface.

Frankly, in all three cases I have had extensive experience. In each case I have seen people and companies both fail and succeed.  This book will provide a roadmap to avoid the pitfalls, navigate around the roadblocks, and thrive. 

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