Friday, September 14, 2012

Korea Facing Newsletter: Hierarchy Part 1 and 2

Our new Korea Facing newsletter is a huge hit. The first 2 articles are on Korean hierarchy and its influence on overseas operations. I’ve included some excerpts.

Part 1
In a hierarchical system a request from above always overrides other plans and thus schedules are often revised at short notice. This can also unfold as any request from the Korean headquarters taking precedence over operations at the local branch or subsidiary. 

This top down management style works well in Korea, but as the nation has expanded globally, firms need to adapt to regionally norms….
Part 2
Rank and position in the mother company, along with their sphere of influence have a powerful impact on an expat’s effectiveness.  For example, a chajang  (deputy general manager) with the mother company who is seen as on the fast track will fare better than a someone who has little interaction with senior leadership.

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