Monday, November 26, 2012

NEW: Korean Expatriate Global Business eLearning Series

Supporting Korean overseas teams (ju jae won) and their Korean executives is a must for all Korea-based organizations. The assumption that expatriates can bridge cultural gaps through practical onthejob experience might work with those few highly intuitive individuals with the exceptional ability to assimilate cultures. However, what stands out in numerous studies is the need for training. In particular the need for a training program that can successfully provide insights into new business cultures and values, while fostering sensitivity and teamwork among all members of the company.

An effective eLearning program for Korean expatriates can help bridge gaps while supplying needed skills and knowledge.

Based on years of working with western and Korean expat teams, we have developed an eLearning program to address issues that commonly occur in the American and global workplace.

The benefits of the eLearning program include:

The training is designed to be self-pacing with the ability to go back for a second time to review a specific section. This will result in better comprehension and higher retention of course content.

Flexibility--Unlike instructor-led training the course is accessible 24-7. This allows the participant to fit the training into their schedule.

Finally, this eLearning offers an opportunity to grow. The course content will add to the participant's understanding of the differences in global business, improve communication with local teams, and make them more effective in fulfilling the assignment.

Although there is bound to be some friction between expatriate and host country cultural values, a successful cross-cultural and localization training program accomplishes:
                                                                                                                                                                        Awareness and appreciation of both the home and host country with the ability to gain an insight into ones own personal traits, strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and interests.

Realization of similarities and shared values, along with an awareness of and respect for cultural differences.

The ability to adapt to new cultures, ideas, and challenges on the job and in the home, while adjusting quickly to new conditions and workplace practices.

Next Steps
Further details on the Korean Expatiate Global Business eLearning Series is available upon request. This includes a Table of Content, course outlines, and fee rates.

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