Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Korea Facing: Year end

By Don Southerton, BCW Editor
With the year end, Korean Groups have begun their annual end of
year reporting and restructuring. As in the past, Samsung Group has
already announced high level promotions across their organization,
we'll see what happens at Hyundai Motor Group and the other Groups.
I monitor and track this daily. 

In the days leading up to Holidays, team level promotions will
begin to be announced. The norm has been for the re-assignments and
promotions to take affect January 2.

I'd expect some change both at senior Korean global leadership level and
across the Korean overseas teams. Those receiving promotions should
be congratulated--promotions bring considerable status along with a
boost in wages.

Meanwhile, the Korean presidential election is week away. How will a new
president view the Korean chaebols is a topic of discussion--the
previous administration was pro-business.

Finally, 1st draft edits and revisions on the Korea Facing book are
completed. I expect 1-2 more draft revisions before the book goes
"to press"--actually since it's an eBook, I'll upload. Plans call
for the book to be available in iBook, Kindle, and Google Book 
formats. Look for a Holiday release date.

As always, if you have questions and comments, please feel free to
contact me. Likewise, I'm open to new opportunities, so keep
me in mind.

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