Thursday, February 07, 2013

Korean Lunar New Year: Year of the Black Water Snake

By Don Southerton, BCW Editor

Along with Chuseok (the fall harvest festival), Lunar New Year is the most important of traditional Korean holidays.

The year of the Black Water Snake will begin on Sunday February 10. The Black Water Snake is associated with longevity, fertility and good fortune. People born in the Year of the Snake are said to be influential, insightful, motivated, intellectual, and determined to succeed.

Regarding the Korean holiday, I have some recommendations.

For your Korean colleagues (in Korea), you can wish them Happy Lunar New Year by phone, or email on Thursday Feb. 7th, in the late afternoon. ( early Friday in Korea).

For expat Koreans working in the U.S. or globally you can wish then Happy Lunar New Years on Friday (pm) or Monday Feb. 11 .

Here is the formal greeting--Sae hae bok mani ba deu say yo.

I suggest you also share with your non-Korean teams the significance of the holiday.

In Korea, Seol includes gift-giving and family activities that show respect to elders and ancestors. 

Most Korean businesses are closed for the holiday with Koreans traveling to join their family or take a short vacation.

Hope this is helpful,   Sae hae bok mani ba deu say yo


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